The Panola County Humane Society is a small group of dedicated individuals who do what they can to protect homeless, unwanted and neglected dogs and pups in our county.   There is no physical animal shelter in Panola County, and the City Pound can only hold a limited number of strays picked up by Batesville Animal Control.  Volunteers of PCHS can not pick up stray dogs, but will do whatever we can through our  foster care program to help find forever homes for unwanted dogs and pups.  If you know of animals that are abandoned, abused, lost, or in need of rescue, contact PCHS immediately. In most cases, you may have to protect the poor soul  until PCHS can find other alternatives. 

 Many times the only option is for you to foster and / or adopt them. 

And that may not be such a bad thing.

Our meetings are held every month on the fourth Tuesday at 5:30 PM

Please join us at The Batesville Library

If you'd like to volunteer, we need foster homes, as well as people to help with fundraising and adoption events. 

If you would like to adopt an animal from the Humane Society, the cost is about $50.00.  This amount covers

 the dog's shots, worming, flea treatments, and spaying or neutering, depending on the dog and its requirements.

Fostering - Some members of the Humane Society foster dogs.  This means that an individual agrees to keep dogs at his/her home until they are ready to adopted.  While being fostered, puppies get their puppy shots, rabies vaccinations, they are wormed, and spayed or neutered.  The second set of shots comes about two and a half weeks later.  Fostering puppies usually lasts about three to five weeks. (Please remember, if you're fostering puppies, that you don't get to keep the puppies!) 

Older dogs are harder to place as they have to be heart worm tested, fostering may last as much as six months.

The Humane Society provides all that is needed for our foster homes as well as the medical requirements.